The storage capacity is imprtant in a hosting service

All of our website files will be stored in hosting storage so that visitors can access them so that if our website has many articles, images will take up a lot of capacity. The bigger our website, for example, already have lots of articles or pictures, the greater the need for storage media. In the meantime, you should also visit and find an excellent web hosting company.

Usually the bigger the more expensive, but many also provide unlimited services. Only my advice is to always read the terms and conditions provided by the hosting provider regarding the unlimited storage capacity so there is no misunderstanding. Because many are also blaming hosting providers claiming fraudsters are unlimited even though we ourselves are not read / obey the terms and conditions, unless they are not mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Frankly, the greater the storage capacity, the more it will cost, just like the SD Card on your SmartPhone, if you are full, surely you have to buy another SD Card that is bigger or you delete files that are not important. Likewise with unlimited hosting I think they give unlimited as long as it’s in fair use so they make terms and conditions.

My advice is to choose a web hosting that gives you unlimited access and read the terms and conditions, as long as you only need to make the website more than just enough.