Ayahuasca allows DMT to enters blood network

Our digestive enzymes are normally able to not activate DMT so that it will not affect us. However, the vines contained in ayahuasca block the enzyme from working properly and allow DMT to enter the blood circulation network. In the meantime, you can also visit ayahuascahealings.com/ to know more about the benefits of ayahuasca.

In roughly 30 minutes after drinking the tea made of this plant, the drink will begin to provide hallucinatory effects, and the effect works for six hours.

But what’s interesting about these hallucinations, the effects produced don’t work like LSD. People with ayahuasca as a whole are aware that they experience hallucinations.

Instead of hearing a lot of voices, they only heard angry voices and would be more receptive to their situation and situation at that time.

Compared to the feeling of drifting, they feel more past experiences, emotions, and find peace in the soul.

So what really happens with our brain when consuming ayahuasca which produces such a strange and unique effect?

There are areas in our brain, which when overactivated will be related to anxiety, depression, and social phobia.

The same effects as those produced from meditation will arise. There is a lot of evidence that also shows that DMT is also able to maintain long-term memory and grow new cells of the brain, and has the chance to eliminate cancer cells in the future.