If You Have Unused Bar Stools, You Can Re-used as Other Accessories

Times are growing faster. Not only in terms of technology but also trends in everyday life equipment, including furniture best barstools and counter stools . Humans are increasingly creative in using their wits. To save production costs while protecting the earth, many of the objects used are not in accordance with their functions but still give an attractive impression and do not misuse existing rules. One of them is using a bar stool.

Bar stools are made from a variety of ingredients. As stated at homefurnitureadviser.com, there are many types of bar stools with different ingredients. Starting from wood to stainless steel. Bar stools now have flexible functions. The placement is not only in the kitchen but can be in any room. If you have an unused bar stool, you can use it as follows:

– Sink table
Used bar stools that are not used, don’t waste them, you can use them as a unique sink table. The bathroom will certainly look more attractive with the presence of the sink with this stool. Use used stools made from water-resistant materials such as stainless steel or plastic so that they are not easily damaged by water.

– As a place to eat
You can use this bar stool into a food tray in bed when you want to eat something before going to bed. You can use a four-foot stool to make it easier to use.

– Place the mirror above the stool bar
Installing a mirror does not have to stick to the wall. You can arrange a few bar stools to fit the desired height as a mirror. When you want to change the position of the mirror you do not need to damage the wall of the house if you use this stool for the mirror holder.

– A pedestal of flower vases and pots
Collection of ornamental plants and vases will be very interesting if you put it in place with this stool. To make it look more natural, you can use wood stools that you place near the entrance or window so that the plants are exposed to sunlight.