A couple of ways for dealing with Android touchscreen errors

The excessive use, of course, can damage sensitivity, this is usually done while playing a game, with enthusiasm you press the screen part that is too excessive to make screen sensitivity less good. Other causes may be junk files or cache that have never been deleted, causing the Android phone to feel heavy, especially on the Android Touchscreen that is slow and error. But calm down, this time Urgent.id will share a little practical knowledge about the right tips on how to deal with touchscreen smartphones jams and errors. In the meantime, check out the one plus 6 screen repair service as well.

As follows :

Use the Android Calibration

The calibration feature is usually available directly on smartphones and Android tablets in circulation. This calibration is used as an experiment on the Android Touchscreen whether it works normally or not. From various sources said that by using Calibration, the sensitivity on the screen will improve again. So, it doesn’t hurt to try. Here are the steps.

First, enter the Settings menu> Display> Calibration.
Then use the code * # * # 2664 # * # to see the sensitivity on the Android Screen.
Finally, restart your Android phone

Clean the Android RAM

This one way is more merciful than the other. You can use Cleaner or TuneUp specifically for Android phones. Now here’s how to clean up ram which will be urgent.id share by using Clean Master. Here’s the tutorial:

Open the clean master application on the Android phone you are currently using. then this application will automatically scan and display details of how much junk files or junk files and how much RAM you are using right now.

Select the memory optimizer menu which is useful for stopping applications that you don’t use right now, because often we forget to close the application that we used before, so the application continues to run behind the screen, this makes the ram you use will be full and make the device Your android is slower / slower.

the next step is to delete the junk file, return to the home of the clean master application, then select the junk file menu, when you have selected the junk file menu the junk file will appear, similar to the image below, after that, clean it clean or clean the junk file.