Preparation tips before a job interview

There are 3 ways to send the document, such as the things below. Meanwhile, you may visit to find jobs quickly online.

a. By post (the recipient and sender address must be clear).

b. Via e-mail (routinely read e-mail and consider large files).

c. Come directly to the company (walk in the interview).

Now that we have learned some techniques for applying for a job, then I will provide a good way of working interview behavior. Maybe many of you have experienced interviews (interviews) in various companies. But there are some that must be considered when we will conduct interviews (interviews), such as:

1. Appearance

Talking about appearance is very important because your appearance is the first thing the interviewer sees. Wear neat clothes (formal & comfortable), use closed shoes, come with a fresh scent, no bad breath and nails.

a. Appearance for men

1. Using a long-sleeved shirt with soft colors and dark pants.
2. Match the tie with the shirt that will be used.
3. Using loafers with black (dark) socks.

b. Appearance for women

1. Using a soft shirt and using a blazer in black (dark).
2. Avoid using striking colors.
3. Use makeup but don’t overdo it (powder, lipstick, blazon, eyeliner).
4. A neat hairstyle.
5. Using 5cm loafers.