Dealing with a naughty child

Whenever you deal with a naughty child of yours, you bet that violence is never the answer. Things like hitting them should only be the last resort, and it only happens to prevent them from doing something very, very harmful to themselves and others. Right now, we’d like to share with you some tips for dealing with your naughty child. In the meantime, you may also want to take a visit to the trusted Family therapy in Oklahoma City.

1. Be patient

Sometimes he/she simply want your attention, especially after you’ve left the child for hours due to work. So hold your anger a little. It’s because maybe a little bit of a jest and a short play time with the child can satisfy his/her need to be with you.

2. Talk eye-to-eye with your child

Lower your position by sitting or crouching when you talk with a little child. This will bring your eye level to his/her. By talking with a serious eye contact, it’d be easier for the child to know whether you’re being serious or not.

3. Check out their sugar intake

The excessive consumption of sugar may make the child become hyperactive. Make sure you don’t feed your child with too much sugar to prevent the child from being overwhelmed by the energy inside of their body, which brings him/her the urge to move around a lot.