Recognize Some of the Advantages of Arduino

The use of various electronic items at this time makes the need for various components in it also become the concern of many people. One component needed is Arduino. Arduino itself is a single-board microcontroller that is open-source and derived by the Wiring Platform. This tool is designed to facilitate electronic use in various fields. So, all you have to do is find the best choice for Arduino.

This tool itself has several advantages that you must know well, such as for example

1. Usb socket
A USB socket is a USB cable socket that is connected to a computer or laptop. The function is to send programs to Arduino and also as serial communication ports.

2. Digital Input / Output and Analog Input
Digital input/output or digital pins are pin pins for connecting Arduino with digital components or circuits. for example, if you want to make the LED blink, the LED can be installed on one of the digital input or output pins and ground. other components that produce digital output or receive digital inputs can be connected to this pin.
Analog inputs or analog pins are pin pins that function to receive signals from analog components or circuits. for example, potentiometers, temperature sensors, light sensors, etc. “

3. Battery / Adapter
The battery socket or adapter is used to supply Arduino with a voltage from the 9V battery/adapter when the Arduino is not connected to the computer. If the Arduino is being connected to a computer with USB, Arduino gets a supply of voltage from the USB. If there is no need to install a battery/adapter when programming the Arduino.

4. Power Supply
The power supply pin is a pin that provides voltage to the component or circuit connected to Arduino. In this power supply section, Vin and Reset pins. Vin is used to providing a direct voltage to the Arduino without going through the voltage on the USB or adapter, while Reset is a pin to provide a reset signal via an external button or circuit.