Men Need To Know, These Are Some Clothes That You Can’t Use When Dating

For men, getting women who they really like and desire is something they have to do. So, many of them are looking for their ideal women on online sites, like in hippie dating. With the right online site, you can also get someone who is right and according to your taste. For that, you must also be on the right online site.


However, for men who will make the first date should pay attention to their appearance. Do not let the date fail and only become useless. There are some clothes that you shouldn’t wear on your first date, like

– Wear excessive clothing
Wearing excessive clothes makes you look tacky. This example, you wear sweaters, jackets, vests and other accessories at once.
Style like that really makes girls feel uncomfortable with the clothes you use. So use clothes that are simple and not excessive. This will make girls more comfortable seeing it.

– Not according to the place you are going to
If you wear clothes that are not suitable, it will make you look very stupid. For example, when you want to date at a beach bar, make sure you wear summer-style clothes or beach.
Do not let you date on the beach but use a thick jacket as when it’s winter. Not only your girl but other people passing by will also think you are tacky.

– Clothes that smell
Believe me, smelly clothes really make people around you uncomfortable. Even though they did not express it directly, in their hearts they certainly thought negative things about you.
Especially someone you just met. So, before leaving, make sure your clothes don’t smell. Although not washed, at least use perfume.

– Dirty clothes
Dirty clothes will reflect your filthy self. This means that you are considered unable to take care of yourself. You will also be considered as a man who cannot be independent and unreliable.